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Sports Turf Northwest is proud to announce that a new website is launching shortly.  It has been over five years since Sports Turf Northwest became a GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment dealer and in those five years, we have set the mark for online sales and customer service. We became an industry-leading voice to bring awareness to the dangers of Staph and MRSA infections.  Sports Turf Northwest became the go-to website for inquiries of synthetic turf equipment pricing and education.   We also became the first GreensGroomer dealer to provide online parts sales.

What Can You Expect?

First, let’s talk about what won’t change.  Customer service, the backbone of our success will continue to get stronger.  We feel it is vitally important to be available to our customers any day of the week.  On weekends, if our customers have questions, they are free to call in. Education is about making sure your facility gets the right piece of equipment.  We can sell you all kinds of artificial turf equipment and golf course maintenance equipment but we want you to understand what each piece of equipment we sell does and what piece or pieces would be most appropriate for your facility.  Every week we get calls from facility operators saying they are new to synthetic turf and their turf manufacturer laid the turf and split town, no word about maintenance needs.  Sweepers, Groomers and UVC disinfection equipment, we will help you get an understanding what each piece does and how it pertains to your field.  Artificial turf maintenance equipment is an investment and should be evaluated as such.  You don’t buy a car without doing your homework and artificial turf equipment needs the same amount of research. Here is an example, Groomer or Sweeper or Perhaps Both.

New Improvements

Without a doubt, our main goal is to educate, educate and educate.  On our current website, we have so much information in our blog postings and articles.  The new website will categorize each subject more efficiently and will improve the user experience.  Right now reading the text is a little difficult, we are going to solve this problem.  Your ability to share content will be much improved.  Would you believe that our information is highly regarded and highly ranked with Google?  It’s not just purchasers of our equipment who land on our website but it is individuals looking for information on Staph and MRSA infections.  Infections and sports are what started the journey for Sports Turf Northwest.

Parts for GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment.  Hundreds of parts are available but only a select few are now being offered online.  We are going to solve this problem and create a one stop shop for all your parts needs.  One of the most interesting things about parts is receiving pictures.  Ordering the wrong parts is a waste of money and time and we have a very novel way of preventing this.  It’s so simple, we ask that you take a photo of the part on your phone and text it to us.  Not only are we able to verify the correct part but we are able to help you troubleshoot the problem before making a purchase.  Remember, all parts and for that matter, all equipment is shipped from Indianapolis. We believe all schools should be buying American products.  If we sell it, we are going to support the purchase with replacement parts.  No long delays should you need a part, which really doesn’t happen too often because GreensGroomer equipment is rock solid because it is manufactured in the USA.

We are excited about the new website launch and will be sharing more details shortly.  As always, please feel free to call or email us, we are here for you.


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