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The GreenZapr Model 850, first introduced in 2012, continues to lead the industry for turf safety and outshine the the competitors who rely on chemicals to disinfect the artificial turf. This innovative GreenZapr by GreensGroomer Worldwide can sterilize surfaces safely and quickly using its 16 powerful germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) lights. Harmful micro organisms contain DNA like MRSA and Staph which can be destroyed instantly when exposed to UVC lights. Built specifically to destroy harmful micro organisms like MRSA and Staph, the GreenZapr is a new benchmark for in-field safety.

UVC versus Chemicals

Powered by a self contained Honda generator, the GreenZapr deploys its UVC mobile killing power in a cost-effective manner. There are no chemicals used on the field. The GreenZapr can either use a portable Honda generator or rechargeable gel cell batteries. We recommend sterilizing your turf with the industry standard triple pass treatment system, which places more than  7,800µW/cm² of UVC energy on any given portion of the field — killing all the germs and bacteria that you don’t want your skin coming in contact with and leaving your turf sterilized and beautiful.

The GreenZapr has built in safe, efficient, and user-friendly features, which ensures that operation of the equipment is simple. The GreenZapr uses high quality components like wheel bearings to provide a smooth ride, making it easy to tow behind a utility vehicle.

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GreenZapr Specifications


850, 851

Main Frame

2 inch square tube w/ 1-1/2 inch square tube cross bars


One piece 2 inch square tube


108 inches


84 inches


Model 850: 1,250 lbs. Model 851: 1,450 lbs.

Running Gear

4 pneumatic tires (16 x 650-8) Ribbed 2-ply with caged roller bearings and spanner bushing

Lift Mechanism

Hand crank with safety “position sensor”

Light Module

2 – 8 UVC light module w/ LED indicators and hour meter

UVC Bulb

Sixteen 36 watt slim line, hard quartz glass lamp envelope with FEP shatter-proof coating and waterproof sure seal lamp socket connection

Power Source

model 850: 1000 watt Honda gas generator

Model 851: 4 deep cycle rechargeable gel-cell batteries with 1000 watt inverter/charger

Spring Tine Rake

42 – 3/16” diameter tines with 40° tip bend


Powder coat with 6-step pre-wash including de-greaser and anti-rust coating


Recommended tow vehicle gas, 12-18 hp minimum

Shipping Crate

Front Frame – 83 x 61 x 30

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