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GreensGroomer Equipment is Made In The USA

How important are the three letters USA when deciding on buying artificial turf maintenance equipment? Without a doubt the number one factor. GreensGroomer equipment is made in the USA which gives both the military and schools a great choice when artificial turf equipment needs to be purchased. High schools and Universities should and most often do give GreensGroomer Worldwide the first option when selecting equipment for their new field or replacing equipment.  Foreign imports are quoted but nothing compares to American made products.

First, let’s take a look at GreensGroomer Worldwide and see why the artificial turf equipment manufactured in America is the industry leader. When you are in business for over 20 years, you are doing something right. When you have the vision to innovate, you become the industry standard. A perfect summarization is an opening paragraph in GreensGroomer’s brochure outlining why the GreensGroomer is the leader in the groomer category.

GreensGroomer is the industry standard for sports turf groomers.  It’s built to be an extremely rugged unit, engineered to include the perfect performance features for turf maintenance.  Perfect balance side to side and front to back.

When you use terms like standard, perfect and rugged in a brochure you better have the ability to back up the statements and GreensGroomer does.  American manufacturing is making a huge comeback.  American companies are making the switch to bring back the manufacturing process to the United States. Quality and cost are two of the factors as cited for the switch.  Here in the USA, we have standards for manufacturing and these standards ensure high quality. American manufacturing also brings back jobs to the United States which helps the economy grow. You might think manufacturing costs will be higher in the United States but when you add in international shipping and taxes the argument holds no water. GreensGroomer Worldwide has always been American manufactured.

Back in 1933, a new law was signed by President Hoover, Buy American Act.  The US government is bound to source purchases first with American made products. This act is great.  Taxpayer dollars are being spent on American products and not outsourced around the world. The Buy American Act is a federal law but many states have followed suit. Some states have the provision that they purchase American products and services first. Buying American first should also be used by schools at both the high school and university level. American tax dollars are at work making sure that US citizens receive a first-rate education so why not support American manufacturers who have products available to them?

Quality is vital to American products and nowhere is this more evident than with American auto companies. Who would have thought that in a relatively short period of time a new upstart would disrupt the whole auto industry? I’m talking about Tesla who just overtook Ford as the number two ranked car manufacturer according to market value. The rankings are General Motors at $50.8 billion, Tesla $48 billion and Ford with $45 billion. The important thing to get out of this is that Americans want cars manufactured by American companies.

American products are one thing but it is the ongoing support American manufacturers provide. GreensGroomer supports every single one of the products they manufacturer. When a part is needed GreensGroomer has a dealer network standing by to support all the products. This is so important because time and time again I hear from facilities that have bought foreign made artificial turf equipment and have a hell of a time trying to get parts. GreensGroomer equipment is made in the USA so you will never have trouble securing parts, should that ever happen.

Other artificial turf equipment companies are located in Bavaria, Netherlands, and Germany. The companies are located in these countries but I am not privy to the location of their manufacturing facilities. So when it comes time to get a quote or purchase new artificial turf equipment think about GreensGroomer Worldwide. Think about the jobs GreensGroomer creates and the quality associated with their products. Think about the 1933 act and how you can support it. For those schools that have the choice to consider foreign products, think about this. GreensGroomer equipment is made in the USA.

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