This section is just a snippet of frequently asked questions and answers we receive. We tried to get the most asked questions listed for you here. If you need to get an answer to a question you don’t see, please call or email us.

Do You Sell New or Used Synthetic Turf?

Of all the Frequently Asked Questions this one baffles the most. We don’t mind being asked for referrals to who does sell synthetic turf so please call or email. Perhaps it is the name of the company, Sports Turf Northwest that throws folks off. However, if you spent 10 seconds on the website you will understand we sell Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment and Parts Only.

Who manufactures the artificial turf maintenance equipment?

GreensGroomer Worldwide is the equipment manufacturer. Mike Davis and his wife Jill founded GreensGroomer Worldwide in 1996 after Mike retired from his 30-year airline industry career.  In fact, you will see some design aspects carried over from the airline industry to the equipment that is designed and manufactured by GreensGroomer Worldwide, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.  All GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment is made in the U.S.A.  The company’s success has helped place its equipment in more than 8000 facilities worldwide.

What sort of warranty do you offer?

All equipment manufactured by GreensGroomer Worldwide is backed by a comprehensive warranty.  Check out this dedicated page to  GreensGroomer Worldwide Warranty Information.

Where can I find out more about Staph and MRSA?

For more comprehensive information on Staph and MRSA bacteria, visit CDC and MRSA.

What type of vehicle is recommended for pulling the equipment?

It is recommended that at a minimum a 15 horsepower gas utility vehicle is used.  Some newer electrical vehicles have the ability to pull the equipment, but we strongly recommend you check with the manufacturer first.

Will GreensGroomer equipment void the warranty of my turf?

NO, I repeat NO. We have gotten calls from customers and potential customers telling us that the artificial turf manufacturers rep has informed facilities that if they use Greensgroomer equipment on their turf then the warranty of the turf my not be covered by warranty. This is simply misinformation by the reps.

Greensgroomer equipment is allowed on all manufacturers turf. Sometimes artificial turf manufacturers will try and sell their own proprietary equipment. The easiest way for a sales rep to get that sale is to say only their equipment is allowed. This is a red flag and you should question the ethics and sales practices of this rep.  If you have any questions please call or email us.

Does Sports Turf Northwest sell GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment outside of the Northwest?

Absolutely! We sell throughout the United States. Canada has distributors in place; if you are looking to purchase GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment in Canada, we will be happy to refer you to a Canadian dealer.

Why doesn't Sports Turf Northwest sell other manufacturers' equipment?

We believe that GreensGroomer Worldwide manufacturers the highest quality equipment for synthetic turf and natural turf maintenance.  We also believe that by selling only one manufacturer’s equipment, we can provide our customers with the best prices and best customer service possible.  We avoid any conflict of interest, and we sell the best American-made equipment.

As one of the owners of Sports Turf Northwest, does Brian Grant actually work within the company, or is he involved as a sports celebrity only?

Brian is hands-on all the way.  We were delivering some equipment the other day and Brian was on the trailer helping unload the equipment crate.  In addition to his muscle, Brian brings a world of knowledge and insight to our business.  Brian’s career in the NBA provides perspective and guidance we use in our business daily.

Orders For Equipment and Parts

Payment Terms and Methods

If you are a educational facility, government facility or a facility with history. We will offer you the ability to order equipment with a Purchase Order. The terms are 25 days for payment from the time you receive the equipment.  We expect payment to our office by the 25th day otherwise we will add a 3% late charge.  You can pay by check.  If you want to pay with a Credit Card we can do that for you, however you will need to pay the additional fee of 2.9%.

If you are not one of the above facilities we need to protect from non payment so we have different terms.  We will require 1/2 the total payment to be received prior to shipment. The other 1/2 to be received in our office within 20 days. If we do not receive payment within 20 days we will add a 3% charge. If you want to pay for the equipment with a Credit Card we can do that. We will require you to pay the 2.9% fee for the credit card transaction.

International customer. You must pay for equipment in full prior to shipping. You can pay by wire transfer or credit card. If by credit card we will add in the fee.

Can you sell to the United States Government?

Absolutely! We have gone through the painful application and approval process of becoming an approved vendor under the www.SAM.gov (System for Award Management) requirements. We have our CAGE#76XR9 number.  Check us out you will need to type in Sports Turf Northwest in the entity search box.

Do you sell parts?

Sports Turf Northwest handles any GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment part you might need.  Give us a call or send us an email; we will be happy to help you.

How much does it cost to ship the equipment?

All equipment is shipped from the manufacturer in Indiana.  The cost to ship is calculated by distance and weight from Indiana.  Shipping quotes are good for 10 days; after 10 days, a new shipping quote will need to be calculated.

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