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/// Synthetic Turf Groomer by GreensGroomer


NEW for 2014 Model 920 SDE Synthetic Turf Groomer by GreensGroomer Worldwide.

The new model 920 SDE Synthetic Turf Groomer still has the Patented Quadruple Direction Design that works on all infield surfaces.  More brushes means less work.

Innovation begins with adaptation. The last decade has seen an explosive growth of synthetic turf fields. The original GreensGroomer™ design was used and additional industry leading design features were added to create the synthetic turf GreensGroomer™. Synthetic turf is notorious for compaction issues. The GreensGroomer™, stands up synthetic fibers, redistributes infill material and gently brushes the surface. By decompacting synthetic turf proper drainage along with redistributing the underlying infill is accomplished. Let’s not forget the ease of operation and low cost of ownership.

  • Stands Turf Up
  • 1068 Sq In of Brush Area
  • .24lbs Square Inch Per Brush Weight
  • Redistributes Top Layer of Infill
  • 16 Super Duty Blue Brushes
  • 1000 lb Capacity Electric Lift
  • Deck width of 72 inches
  • ****Tine Rake shown is sold as a separate piece to the Groomer****

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Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer Specifications
Model 920SDE
Main Frame 2 inch square tube (11 gauge) with 1-1/2 inch (10 gauge) Square tube cross bars
Draw Bar One piece 2” square tube
Length 48 inches (84 inches overall including the drawbar)
Width 72 inches
Weight 260 lbs.
Running Gear 2 pneumatic tires (16 x 650-8) Ribbed 2-ply with oil Impregnated Graf oil bushings
Electric Lift 1000 lb. capacity Electric 12 volt linear actuator
Finish Powder coat with 6-step pre-wash including degreaser and anti rust coating
Brushes (14) Blue Super Duty Synthetic, flat bristles attached to polypropylene head – 2-12”; 6-18”; 6-24”
Brush Weight 26 lbs. – Full set Blue
Shipping Crate 75-1/2” x 53-3/4” x 29”
Crated Weight 370 lbs.
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