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/// LitterKat™ Synthetic Turf Sweeper

The most important part of maintaining your synthetic turf is removing unwanted debris. The new LitterKat™ synthetic turf sweeper is a small, commercial-grade sweeper designed to remove debris such as shoe spikes, rocks, pens, pencils, bird feathers, athletic tape and other material that poses harm to athletes. In addition to removing these items, the LitterKat synthetic turf sweeper operates without churning up the infill materials, or ripping or tearing the turf. This product is ideal for taking care of all small to medium-sized debris.

The LitterKat synthetic turf sweeper is a lightweight, aluminum machine with a durable powder coating. Almost any utility vehicle, no matter how small, can tow it. The LitterKat™ collects refuse while releasing the infill materials underneath the turf right back onto the field. The twin 12 volt vibrators redistribute infill material while trapping the unwanted debris in the waste baskets. A 6 foot magnet is included.

  • Removes Surface Debris
  • Redistributes Infill
  • Aluminum construction
  • 12V Linear Actuator
  • 2-12V Basket Vibrators
  • Includes a 6 foot magnet for picking up ferrous objects

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LitterKat® Specifications
Model 760
Frame Width 73” All aluminum construction; 87” with wheels
Drive Mechanism Direct drive gear with rigid gear guards
Draw Bar 56” x 3” diameter aluminum with adjustable hitch
Length 36 inches (72 inches overall including the drawbar)
Height 20.5 inches
Overall Depth 42 inches
Basket 31”L x 35.5”W x 9”D perforated and removable
Wheels 4 Bolt 4.80 x 12 pneumatic with bearings
Finish Powder coat with 6-step pre-wash including degreaser and anti rust coating
Electric (12v) Linear actuator for lifting baskets
(12v) Vibrators (1 per basket)
Brush 33”L x 10” diameter continuous nylon bristle
Weight 301.5 lbs.
Shipping Crate 93 x 48 x 28 (LitterKat)
82 x 28 x 14 (Magnet)
Crated Weight 490 lbs. (LitterKat)
170 lbs. (Magnet)
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