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Sports Turf Northwest Is Launching A New Website

Author: Mike Woelfel Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0 Date: 14 Jun 2017

Sports Turf Northwest is proud to announce that a new website is launching shortly.  It has been over five years since Sports Turf Northwest became a GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment dealer and in those five years, we have set the mark for online sales and customer service. We became an industry-leading voice to bring awareness to the dangers of Staph and MRSA infections.  Sports Turf Northwest became the go-to website for inquiries of synthetic turf equipment pricing and education.   We also became the first GreensGroomer dealer to provide online parts sales.

What Can You Expect?

First, let’s talk about what won’t change.  Customer service, the backbone of our success will continue to get stronger.  We feel it is vitally important to be available to our customers any day of the week.  On weekends, if our customers have questions, they are free to call in. Education is about making sure your facility gets the right piece of equipment.  We can sell you all kinds of artificial turf equipment and golf course maintenance equipment but we want you to understand what each piece of equipment we sell does and what piece or pieces would be most appropriate for your facility.  Every week we get calls from facility operators saying they are new to synthetic turf and their turf manufacturer laid the turf and split town, no word about maintenance needs.  Sweepers, Groomers and UVC disinfection equipment, we will help you get an understanding what each piece does and how it pertains to your field.  Artificial turf maintenance equipment is an investment and should be evaluated as such.  You don’t buy a car without doing your homework and artificial turf equipment needs the same amount of research. Here is an example, Groomer or Sweeper or Perhaps Both.

New Improvements

Without a doubt, our main goal is to educate, educate and educate.  On our current website, we have so much information in our blog postings and articles.  The new website will categorize each subject more efficiently and will improve the user experience.  Right now reading the text is a little difficult, we are going to solve this problem.  Your ability to share content will be much improved.  Would you believe that our information is highly regarded and highly ranked with Google?  It’s not just purchasers of our equipment who land on our website but it is individuals looking for information on Staph and MRSA infections.  Infections and sports are what started the journey for Sports Turf Northwest.

Parts for GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment.  Hundreds of parts are available but only a select few are now being offered online.  We are going to solve this problem and create a one stop shop for all your parts needs.  One of the most interesting things about parts is receiving pictures.  Ordering the wrong parts is a waste of money and time and we have a very novel way of preventing this.  It’s so simple, we ask that you take a photo of the part on your phone and text it to us.  Not only are we able to verify the correct part but we are able to help you troubleshoot the problem before making a purchase.  Remember, all parts and for that matter, all equipment is shipped from Indianapolis. We believe all schools should be buying American products.  If we sell it, we are going to support the purchase with replacement parts.  No long delays should you need a part, which really doesn’t happen too often because GreensGroomer equipment is rock solid because it is manufactured in the USA.

We are excited about the new website launch and will be sharing more details shortly.  As always, please feel free to call or email us, we are here for you.


Mike Woelfel





GreensGroomer Equipment is Made In The USA

Author: Mike Woelfel Tags: Comments: 0 Date: 22 May 2017

How important are the three letters USA when deciding on buying artificial turf maintenance equipment? Without a doubt the number one factor. GreensGroomer equipment is made in the USA which gives both the military and schools a great choice when artificial turf equipment needs to be purchased. High schools and Universities should and most often do give GreensGroomer Worldwide the first option when selecting equipment for their new field or replacing equipment.  Foreign imports are quoted but nothing compares to American made products.

First, let’s take a look at GreensGroomer Worldwide and see why the artificial turf equipment manufactured in America is the industry leader. When you are in business for over 20 years, you are doing something right. When you have the vision to innovate, you become the industry standard. A perfect summarization is an opening paragraph in GreensGroomer’s brochure outlining why the GreensGroomer is the leader in the groomer category.

GreensGroomer is the industry standard for sports turf groomers.  It’s built to be an extremely rugged unit, engineered to include the perfect performance features for turf maintenance.  Perfect balance side to side and front to back.

When you use terms like standard, perfect and rugged in a brochure you better have the ability to back up the statements and GreensGroomer does.  American manufacturing is making a huge comeback.  American companies are making the switch to bring back the manufacturing process to the United States. Quality and cost are two of the factors as cited for the switch.  Here in the USA, we have standards for manufacturing and these standards ensure high quality. American manufacturing also brings back jobs to the United States which helps the economy grow. You might think manufacturing costs will be higher in the United States but when you add in international shipping and taxes the argument holds no water. GreensGroomer Worldwide has always been American manufactured.

Back in 1933, a new law was signed by President Hoover, Buy American Act.  The US government is bound to source purchases first with American made products. This act is great.  Taxpayer dollars are being spent on American products and not outsourced around the world. The Buy American Act is a federal law but many states have followed suit. Some states have the provision that they purchase American products and services first. Buying American first should also be used by schools at both the high school and university level. American tax dollars are at work making sure that US citizens receive a first-rate education so why not support American manufacturers who have products available to them?

Quality is vital to American products and nowhere is this more evident than with American auto companies. Who would have thought that in a relatively short period of time a new upstart would disrupt the whole auto industry? I’m talking about Tesla who just overtook Ford as the number two ranked car manufacturer according to market value. The rankings are General Motors at $50.8 billion, Tesla $48 billion and Ford with $45 billion. The important thing to get out of this is that Americans want cars manufactured by American companies.

American products are one thing but it is the ongoing support American manufacturers provide. GreensGroomer supports every single one of the products they manufacturer. When a part is needed GreensGroomer has a dealer network standing by to support all the products. This is so important because time and time again I hear from facilities that have bought foreign made artificial turf equipment and have a hell of a time trying to get parts. GreensGroomer equipment is made in the USA so you will never have trouble securing parts, should that ever happen.

Other artificial turf equipment companies are located in Bavaria, Netherlands, and Germany. The companies are located in these countries but I am not privy to the location of their manufacturing facilities. So when it comes time to get a quote or purchase new artificial turf equipment think about GreensGroomer Worldwide. Think about the jobs GreensGroomer creates and the quality associated with their products. Think about the 1933 act and how you can support it. For those schools that have the choice to consider foreign products, think about this. GreensGroomer equipment is made in the USA.

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Day Care Facilities and MRSA

Author: Mike Woelfel Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0 Date: 19 May 2017

This week the Kansas Department of Health and Environment ordered a day care facility closed.  The Wichita Eagle’s Beccy Tanner reports. The reason, Lana Jean Haines who operates the day care put all the children at risk with the superbug MRSA, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.  MRSA is very dangerous and life threatening.  Day care facilities and MRSA are two items that should never be spoken of together.  The simple reason is day care facilities need to be proactive against the fight of MRSA.

We think of kids being safe at day care but the danger is with MRSA, you can’t see MRSA.  Parents assume their kids are safe when in reality parents should be vigilant and demand preventative action.  For over five years now I have written about the dangers of staph, MRSA and all the other nasty bugs.  I have been very vocal about the failure of artificial turf owners, wrestling mat users, yoga mat users and yoga studios and other facilities that simply ignore the danger.

The danger with MRSA is that it is in the community already but facilities are only reactive when entities like the Department of Health and Environment step in and force action.  I can tell you first hand that I am contacted by parents looking for answers to staph and MRSA.  I read every day the bulletins across the country of schools experiencing a MRSA outbreak.  I can see how parents don’t feel their kids are at risk. Unless you read the daily Google alerts you wouldn’t know that across the country health departments are at war against MRSA.  Who should you pay attention to?  The answer is the CDC of Atlanta.  The Center for Disease Control offers up guidelines to the dangers of MRSA and preventative solutions against being infected with MRSA.

The CDC explains the five C’s and the relationship of each C and MRSA.  The CDC is saying hey, pay attention parents and here is why.  You only need one of the five C’s to contract MRSA.  Here is a reminder of what the five C’s stand for.

  1. Crowding-A bunch of kids in a confined area
  2. Contact-Skin to Skin contact
  3. Compromised Skin-In this case the adult had the cut or abrasion
  4. Contaminated surfaces-If you have MRSA you will come in contact with objects others will touch
  5. Lack of Cleanliness

Here is a widely read article, Trust the Center For Disease Control When It Comes to Facts About MRSA and Staph

I sell equipment, the 860 MiniZapr that uses UVC light no chemicals to destroy staph and MRSA.  I became involved with the issue when I was approached to find a solution to a staph infection.  The more research I did, the more I realized that the public is uneducated and facilities are ignoring the problem.  Parents, force your kids’ facilities to put in place a preventative program.  Force the facilities to call me so I can explain the danger they are putting your kids in.

Mike Woelfel



University of Rhode Island Puts Two 860 MiniZapr Sterilizers To Work

Author: Mike Woelfel Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0 Date: 28 Mar 2017

Two is always better than one, so putting two 860 MiniZaprs to work sterilizing surfaces is a win-win for all those individuals who get to use the University of Rhode Island athletic facilities.  In 2014 the University of Rhode Island was looking for a chemical free way to protect individuals in one of their athletic facilities against potentially harmful microorganisms such as Staph and MRSA and selected the 860 MiniZapr to be part of the preventative maintenance routine.  Maintenance prevention is not just for machinery but also includes prevention of possible dangerous health issues to humans.

860 MiniZapr at Work


In 2016, the Athletic Strength & Conditioning area for the University of Rhode Island purchased their very own MiniZapr and immediately put the MiniZapr into action.  For those of you who are asking the question of why would a facility need a machine to sterilize surfaces let alone a machine that only uses light (UVC Light) as a means to sterilize the surface?  The answer is quite simple.  Bodily fluids can be quite harmful if not addressed as a health concern and treated as such.  Common sense tells us that bodily fluids combined with a cut or an abrasion on the skin can lead to a potentially harmful outcome, so why not be proactive and treat the surfaces before the problem rears its ugly head.  The University of Rhode Island is progressive and found a solution.

860 MiniZapr

Sports facilities and parents are not connecting the dots between bodily fluids and the health and well-being of individuals.  The problem of staph, MRSA, Ringworm, Influenza, etc is very real and dangerous.  I challenge anyone to Google Search these words and phrases and read for yourself about the harmful potential we all can’t visually see.

Google Search Words, just a few to sample

-staph infection sports, yoga mat infection, MRSA artificial turf, staph artificial turf, wrestling ringworm

For five years now I have spoken about how sports facilities need to up their game and put into place some sort of program that protects users of the facility against harmful microorganisms.  I receive the weekly phone calls and emails from parents, athletes and facility operators looking for answers on topics such as Staph and MRSA.  Institutions like the University of Rhode Island are thinking outside of the box. UVC technology had been around for many decades and when the University of Rhode Island was looking for a solution other than chemicals as a way to protect individuals, the 860 MiniZapr became a viable solution and a great tool to combat harmful microorganisms.

Looking for more information on how your facility can benefit from the 860 MiniZapr?  Get in Contact with us, we can help you.






The UVC180 Fungi Killer versus GreenZapr by GreensGroomer Worldwide

Author: Mike Woelfel Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0 Date: 26 Oct 2016

In America, when you make a claim you back it up with proof, period! Apparently, in Europe, you make a claim based upon what sounds good, no proof needed.  Don’t get me wrong, if the UVC180 can do what the company says it can do (kill fungi on natural turf), then American innovation will rule the day, specifically the 850 GreenZapr.  In 2013 the 850 GreenZapr was tested in a controlled setting by a world leading horticultural school, Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences, and the results of the fungi eradication test using UVC was lackluster.  The testing was conducted over 3 months and with a very controlled testing regiment.  Alec Kowalewski, assistant professor and turf grass specialist was the lead expert in charge of the testing.

Oregon State looking at alternative methods to treat for Microdochium

Oregon State University-Horticultural School

GreenZapr at Oregon State University Lewis-Brown Horticulture Farm

GreenZapr at Oregon State University Lewis-Brown Horticulture Farm

After three months of testing the results showed no significant improvement in the turf for the elimination of fungus.  We know that UVC can kill fungus but the dosage output of UVC would need to be much more powerful.  Speed, distance and energy output of the UVC bulbs are variables used in the calculation of exposure needed when trying to kill organisms, bacteria, yeast, viruses, mold spores, etc.  American Ultraviolet, a world leader in UVC technology was the expert behind the proper specifications for the GreenZapr. You simply can’t build a UVC piece of equipment without knowing all the proper specifications.  How it works is, you first figure out what the kill factor needed is for the different viruses, bacteria, protozoa, etc, and then you design in reverse the machine based upon speed, distance, and energy output of the bulbs because these are controllable variables.  As you can see by the chart, GreensGroomer Worldwide built the 850 GreenZapr with the expertise of American Ultraviolet.  Want to know what the GreenZapr will kill, documentation is provided so you will know the kill factors needed to eradicate the different organisms, viruses, etc.

Recently the UVC180 was shared with me.  It’s a good looking machine but what the website said about its ability to kill fungi caught my attention.  A claim about killing fungus on natural turf would surely have solid testing behind it right?

According to SGL, the manufacturers of the UVC180 UVC Fungi Killer, this is how they proved the effectiveness of the UVC180.

 It has been tested at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu for a few months, in order to perfect the machine, with the successful result that the stadium is now completely fungicide free. 

No other information was provided and there is no data science behind the testing.  I reached out to SGL and they confirmed that no scientific research was conducted.  Perhaps, in Europe, this is how product development is conducted and is accepted.  What we should be told is, how much fungi was accounted for prior to testing, if any additives like fertilizer were added to the turf during the test period, the number of times the unit was used during the test, the weather conditions during testing, the number of bulbs on the machine and the energy output of the machine.  In America, products are designed, built, tested and are supported by proof of claims.  When a product is developed and is the first of its innovation kind then further protection is awarded in the form of a patent.

In America, products are designed, built and tested and once these steps are accomplished successfully then a claim of action, a solution to a problem, first of its kind, etc can be attached to the product.  When a product is innovative and new it can be awarded a patent.  A patent is good for 20 years, this is the reward a developer receives when design, build, and testing match the claims of the invention. Take for example patent number US 8431075  that has 20 years of protection.  The patent title tells us what it will do.

Mobile UV sterilization unit for fields and method thereof





A Football Coach Points to Synthetic Turf as Cause of Staph Infections

Author: Mike Woelfel Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0 Date: 18 Oct 2016

I receive incredible information all the time from concerned parents.  What parents are getting sick of is the lack of attentions being placed upon synthetic turf and Staph Infections.  Recently I was sent an article that was written in 2008 by Sandra McKee of the Baltimore Sun.  What is most shocking about the article is a quote from Donald Hill,  past football coach at Morgan State.

“I’ve been in coaching a long time,” Morgan State coach Donald Hill said. “I’d seen maybe one or two staph infections in all my time in football. But three years ago, we put down a new synthetic turf on our football field, and we began to have three to four cases a week.

Take a moment a read the whole article.  The information is important but the story of Staph and MRSA is the same.  Until facilities that operate synthetic turf take a proactive attitude to prevent Staph and MRSA infections , all athletes will continue to be at risk.  

To all concerned parents and athletes, please share with me your experience in dealing with Staph and MRSA.  Simply contact me at mike (@) sportsturfnw.com   or call me.  I will share as much or as little information as you decide, I treat all conversations as confidential and will never share information without your approval.

Campaign steps up to bat to stop staph infections

Mike Woelfel


Football on Artificial Turf is a Game of Chicken with MRSA

Author: Mike Woelfel Tags: , Comments: 0 Date: 03 Oct 2016

Peanut butter and jelly, ice cream and cake, chicken fried steak and gravy, you know where I am going with this.  It is Fall so I should probably remind everyone again about the dangers of staph infections and get you to open your eyes wide to the dangers posed by playing football on artificial turf or any sport on turf for that matter.    Wait a second you say, is he trying to connect staph infections with football or staph infections with artificial turf?  For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, I will give you a bit of background.  Artificial turf is nothing but a GIANT SHARED TOWEL, who cares you say, it’s just a towel! But a towel that can kill you.  I’m connecting artificial turf and staph infections, you can pick the sport you want to play on the turf because this variable does not matter, they are all dangerous and possibly life ending, does MRSA ring a bell?

What if I told you that shared towels are listed by the CDC of Atlanta as being one of the absolute, don’t do it, your disgusting if you do, your hygiene is gross, things athletes should never ever do and if you do choose to do the unthinkable and share a towel then you are at risk for a nice staph infections.  What can staph infections turn into? You know the answer, that would be the upgraded version to the life-threatening MRSA.

What artificial turf manufacturers don’t want you to know is that YES, artificial turf does need maintenance for both the safety and health of humans.  Because most of the sports played on artificial turf are contact sports, there are bodily fluids flying all over the place.  Bodily fluids from every orifice of the human body and orifices of animals. That was not meant to be over the top but to wake you up to reality. What natural grass gets that artificial does not is a normal weekly rinse and cut.  That is right, natural grass needs to be watered and then it needs to be cut because it grows.  So whatever funk humans deposit on the turf gets rinsed out and chopped up by the mower, basically a clean canvas every week.  Artificial turf not so much, funk added to funk, sounds like a bodily fluid dump ground.

At this point, you are either bored reading, a bad parent who could care less about the safety of your child or someone who is intrigued enough to want to know more. If you are the intrigued to know more individual then please click the big blue link below.  I can tell you for a fact that my writings about the safety of turf are hitting the right notes and hitting those who need to be hit.  To those parents that contact me and share their stories about MRSA, continue to share, I want to hear all the stories so I can help educate the ignorant.

Trust the Center of Disease Control When it Comes To Facts About Staph and MRSA

Oh, I should mention this.  Yes, I sell equipment that uses UVC light, no chemicals, to disinfect surfaces, trying to protect your kids.  Education about artificial turf is what I do.










Dear Parents, You Have Failed…….So Far

To all Parents, it is your responsibility to protect the health of your kids from artificial turf bacteria and you have failed miserably! Congratulations on wanting, demanding and getting artificial turf put in, you have become the Joneses.  Artificial turf envy is in every municipality, local school district, and even the military.  All brought to you by the turf manufacturers of the world,  all packaged up and served on a silver platter as the fix all to that ugly grass field.  Hold on now, you should know what harmful artificial turf bacteria came free with your turf purchase or should I say a harmful free kicker.  Each artificial turf field installed will have hundreds and perhaps thousand of individuals using the new field and spreading their bodily fluids all over it.  Parents, if you let your kid play on that field without knowing how it is being sterilized then you are a very bad parent. You need to demand what procedure are in place to sterilize the field from harmful bacteria like Staph and MRSA?  The CDC in Atlanta tells all athletes to not share towels, well the new artificial turf field is one giant towel, disgusting.

Tiger Moms Unite-You Make Things Happen

I have been the recipient of call after call from parents who get it and want more information about Staph and MRSA.  I have had the conversation with an indoor facility operator who was scared to death of a lawsuit because a mom accused them and their field of giving her son Staph.  The indoor facility had zero procedures in place to sterilize the field from bodily fluids. Remember, the field itself is not the issue, it just happens to be the agent that binds bodily fluids and cuts and abrasions together.  Tiger moms I embrace you and look forward to hearing from you.  A serious deadly health concern is being ignored because turf manufacturers don’t want you, the smart educated parents who are concerned for your child’s well-being to connect the dots between the million dollar field and harmful bacteria.  I have always stated this, I am not against artificial turf but I am against the way it is presented as a cure-all solution to natural turf without the discussion of the health aspects as it relates to humans.  Common sense tells us that maintenance is needed on any object that has hundreds to thousands of individuals running around on it, bleeding, sweating, pissing and yes spreading fecal matter on the surface.  A field covered in bodily fluids is a ticking time bomb.  One little cut or abrasion on the skin is all that is needed for Staph or MRSA.  Mom’s how many abrasions happen when your kid simply shaves her or his legs, hundreds?  How many people are spreading contaminated blood on the surface? Artificial turf fields that have no procedures in place for sterilization should be closed!  If your letting your kid enjoy the nice indoor turf fields, you should be arrested for putting your kid in harms way.

Protect Your Kids

Yes, I sell equipment that will sterilize the turf surface.  No, I do not have kids.  Yes, I am a pain in the ass to turf manufacturers but I do so on your behalf, it’s time for you parents to pick up the fight.  I am here to help you.




Mike Woelfel






Artificial Turf Equipment Buy Commercial Grade!

Author: Mike Woelfel Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0 Date: 20 May 2016

The time has finally come, your crappy current artificial turf maintenance equipment which seems to be always broken and was probably “given” to you by those nice artificial turf sales guys is in need of replacement.  The same sales guys who told you that your new artificial turf won’t really need any maintenance but in case it does, provided a piece of maintenance equipment, just in case they say. We have preached and preached to those who write the checks for the artificial turf projects, you are spending a million bucks plus on a new field so spend some money on quality, commercial grade, American Made artificial turf maintenance equipment.  Yes that was a run on paragraph and sorta mean but you need to do the right thing from the beginning and that is buy commercial grade maintenance equipment.  Think of your new field like a new car.  If you don’t change the oil and do preventative maintenance the car is going to breakdown and will be a piece of junk sooner than the expected life span of the car.

We have also covered this topic before but as a reminder to the fiscal responsible parties writing the checks for your new turf,


That’s right, know how much your equipment is going to cost and don’t let the turf companies bundle the equipment because you will be paying an extremely high cost for the equipment.

How much does commercial grade equipment cost?

Hey, this is what we do and why you stopped by, time to get a quote.  What we won’t do is do it with high sales pressure. The commercial grade equipment we sell doesn’t need to be puffed up and pitched.  We have provided a simple form for you to fill out.  The information we are asking for allows us to get a proper shipping quote from the manufacturer.  Our industry is a little odd in that all equipment originates from the manufacturer in Indianapolis. Typically the turn around time from quote request to quote in your inbox is less than 24 hours and more likely you will be reading your quote in a couple hours.

There are times when we receive your quote request and send you a clarification email on the piece of equipment you want pricing for.  Customer service is our number one priority so we want to make your order correct the first time.  An example of a clarification email might be about replacement parts and making sure you get the right brushes for the groomer.  A GreensGroomer groomer now has two models and three different brush options. Another example is a new facility looking for pricing on a LitterKat Sweeper. Great piece of equipment but your facility should always start with a Groomer, if you don’t have one already.  A Groomer versus a LitterKat  ,both commercial grade, will save you thousands and will be the proper first piece of equipment for your new field.

We will also ask you to simply respond to the returned quote email as receiving it because the spam settings on some of the computers are touchy.  If we send the quote and don’t hear anything from you after 24 hours we might email or call to verify that you received the quote.

Customer Service

Education is our number one goal.  We are always available to you on the phone so feel free to call us.  If by some chance you get a recording, leave a message and we will return that call immediately.  If you have a part question and are looking for the exact replacement part, call us.  What we typically do is give you a phone number in which  you can text us a picture of the part. We are proud to say we have a 100% accuracy on getting the correct part the first time, technology does help sometimes.



GreensGroomer Design-Low Mechanical Complexity and High Reliability

Author: Mike Woelfel Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0 Date: 14 Apr 2016

For 20 years now, GreensGroomer Worldwide has built maintenance equipment around a very simple belief.  “Low Mechanical Complexity and High Reliability”, this phrase sums up Mike Davis’s formula for success.  Mike Davis is the owner of GreensGroomer Worldwide.  In 20 years GreensGroomer has evolved to be the #1, American Made manufacturer of maintenance equipment for the golf industry, synthetic turf industry and UVC equipment for sterilization of surfaces.


GreensGroomer Design-Low Mechanical Complexity High Reliability

American Made equipment should be the first choice for schools and the government.  Yes there are other choices for maintenance equipment but when you factor in the quality of construction and the top line components you will not find other maintenance equipment that can compare to GreensGroomers.  Another important manufacturing principle that GreensGroomer adheres to is, “to develop products which combine performance with a lower total cost of ownership”.  When you have equipment that operates continuously and is not broken down, your total cost of ownership is reduced.

Does this mean the equipment will never be in the need of repair, no it does not but when repairs are needed GreensGroomer has the parts ready and available.  Your facility does not want to wait for weeks for a replacement part to be shipped from over seas.

20 Years has come quickly and with all very successful companies it is the future that needs to be forcasted for growth.  GreensGroomer has already proven its ability to spot trends and build maintenance equipment in anticipation of demand.  Mike Davis is a visionary who saw the birth of the synthetic turf industry.  Because GreensGroomer had already been building quality maintenance products for the golf industry, it was a natural fit to expand the product lines to include synthetic turf maintenance equipment.  Synthetic turf needs maintenance and proper maintenance will help the synthetic turf have a long life.  At one time, turf manufacturers were selling synthetic turf fields on the premise of no maintenance needed.   This little sales pitch sounded great to the school boards but in reality it was the farthest thing from the truth.  Buy proper maintenance equipment in the beginning, your field will thank you for it.

Connecting the dots between synthetic turf and the health and safety of athletes was done by Mike Davis.  Enter the GreenZapr and MiniZapr to the lineup of maintenance equipment for synthetic turf.  When you have human bodies and human bodily fluids on one surface, you are bound to have health problems.  Mike saw the danger and set about designing and building equipment that uses UVC germicidal  ultraviolet (UV-C) light to sterilize the playing surface against harmful microorganisms.  MRSA and Staph are two of the more well known names associated with sports. All sports facilities should be proactive for the safety of athletes.  It has been no surprise that turf manufacturers say there is no problem with Staph and MRSA on synthetic turf but we would like to think that the CDC in Atlanta and the other health care professionals around the world know much more about the dangers athletes are faced with.  It took a visionary like Mike Davis to choose a solution to the problem that did not include chemicals but a technology that has been around for many decades.

What will GreensGroomer do next?  Well we will all have to sit back and wait for the next unveiling of revolutionary equipment.  Here’s to another 20 Years ahead of us.

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