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Maintenance equipment for all your natural and synthetic turf needs

  • MiniZapr™

  • MiniZapr™

  • GreenZapr™

  • LitterKat™ Synthetic Turf Sweeper

  • LitterKat™ Synthetic Turf Sweeper

  • Spring Tine Rake

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Golf Course Maint. Equip. (Natural Turf)

Offering a variety of solutions for maintaining golf courses

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Synthetic Turf

Offering a variety of solutions for maintaining synthetic turf fields

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Destroying DNA of Staph, MRSA, and other bacteria


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Sports Turf Northwest is your authorized GreensGroomer™ Worldwide equipment dealer for all your turf needs. Our focus is to provide you with optimal customer service while at the same time representing the best artificial and natural turf maintenance equipment on the market. For the past 17 years, GreensGroomer™ Worldwide, has designed and manufactured products that have set the bar for maintenance equipment. If you operate golf course facilities or athletic fields, it is essential to acquire the best equipment to help maintain the work you have already accomplished. [ Read More ]

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  • Summer Sale on Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment

    Author: Mike Comments: 0 Date: 14 Jul 2014
    Well happy mid July.  I just spent a few weeks in Minnesota and I must say the amount of rain Minnesota has received in the last two months has put a huge damper on some of the golf courses. You really can't do much when the course is still underwater in mid July. Minnesotans are a very hardy bunch and they don't let a little flooding interfere with their summer golf plans.  Probably the happiest creatures from all the rain are the mosquitoes that were unbelievable in size and sheer quantity. ...
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  • Spring Sale-All Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment on Sale

    Author: Mike Comments: 0 Date: 20 Mar 2014
    15off   Til the end of June all artificial turf maintenance equipment and all golf course maintenance equipment is being offered at discounted prices, 15% off the MSRP.  If you happen to be from Arkansas, call us or email us, we have a deal you w...
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  • Below is an editorial that I wrote and was published by North Jersey Media Group, www.northjersey.com   It's important to know that this industry is not regulated and that artificial turf manufacturers are using "scientific" studies to shape public opinion.  The bottom line should be about the health and safety of anyone stepping foot on artificial turf.   ...
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